The Screenwise Media Panel closed Aug. 31, 2017. Please check your email for details on receiving your final incentive payments and how to remove the app from your phone.

About Screenwise

What is the Screenwise Media Panel?

It’s an important market research program designed to help Google better understand how people’s use of media and technology is changing in our society. When people join the panel, Google is able to learn from them by seeing how they habitually use their smartphones. This information is gained via the app you download when you join the panel. The Screenwise Panel app is totally passive and just runs in the background. As a member, you don’t need to do anything else.

What do we do with the information we learn from our members? We’re glad you asked! It’s used to help Google to provide more relevant products and services for people like you, while all details you provide remain anonymous and confidential.

Who is managing the Panel?

Google has partnered with Research Now, Inc., the world leader in digital data collection, to develop, manage and oversee the Screenwise Media Panel website, the collection of member’s data and all other aspects of the panel, including the processing and payment of member rewards. The Screenwise Panel is owned by Google.

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